Maker Faire is coming to Austin for the second time ever! For those of you who have ever been inspired by science, technology, robots, do-it-yourself projects, metal arts, crafts, art cars, fire, music, or... or.... basically anything that's cool, then Maker Faire was made just for you.

Maker Faire 2008 in Austin on October 18 and 19
The Travis County Expo Center will host Maker Faire on October 18 and 19. Maker Faire only occurs twice a year, once in the San Francisco Bay Area and once in Austin. Exhibitors and attendees have literally come from across America, and even the world to attend Maker Faire.

Watch the best parts of Maker Faire 2008.

Maker Faire robots!

Maker Faire vehicles!

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Edit on Oct 8, 2008: The following list is copied from a forum on The Last Alliance with an estimation from where each car was designed/produced.

    Yes, there definitely are 2 or 3 Peugeot's in there, and also an Audi, if I saw it well...

    1: I don't know, maybe a Crysler?
    2: Ehh...
    3: Well, I think it's just a Lotus with 2 extra wheels.
    4: A Nissan
    5 - 7: No idea
    8: Peugeot
    9: I'd say a Citroen
    10: A Lambo?
    11: Looks like the Audi R8, but now I'm sure it's a Maserati
    12: Another Nissan
    13: BMW
    14: Peugeot
    15 + 16: Not a clue
    17: Yet another Peugeot
    18: Surprise - surprise, a Peugeot!
    19: Don't know
    20: Really, Peugeot has a really great fantasy...
    21: *Sigh*...Peugeot
    22: I think the maker of this site is French...
    23: No idea
    24: Hmm...a Porsche maybe? I don't think so, actually...
    25: Toyota
    26: Is this an even uglier version of that Porsche jeep? Otherwise, I'd say either a Jeep or a BMW

    Well, in case you'd want to know which car is from who.
End edit.

26 conceptual photos of cars of the future.

First futuristic car photo, silver and capable of a flying with a vertical takeoff
Second futuristic car photo, yellow and clear
Third futuristic car photo, silver and 6 wheels
Fourth futuristic car photo, white, three wheels from Nissan
Fifth futuristic car photo, white, red, and green, reminiscent of a Budweiser speed-boat
Sixth futuristic car photo, purple, Peugeot
Seventh futuristic car photo, silver, clear, h2, hybrid
Eighth futuristic car photo
Ninth futuristic car photo
Tenth futuristic car photo
Eleventh futuristic car photo
Twelfth futuristic car photo
Thirteenth futuristic car photo
Fourteenth futuristic car photo
Fifteenth futuristic car photo
Sixteenth futuristic car photo
Seventeenth futuristic car photo
Eighteenth futuristic car photo
Nineteenth futuristic car photo
Twentieth futuristic car photo
Twenty-first futuristic car photo
Twenty-second futuristic car photo
Twenty-third futuristic car photo
Twenty-fourth futuristic car photo
Twenty-fifth futuristic car photo
Twenty-sixth futuristic car photo