Painting of the Russia TowerThe Russia Tower(Башня Россия) is a supertall skyscraper currently under construction in the Moscow International Business Center of Moscow, Russia. The architect is Foster & Partners . Construction began in September 18, 2007, and is planned to be completed in 2012. Upon reaching its final height of 612.2 m (2,009 ft), it will be the tallest building in Europe and the second tallest in the world, after the Burj Dubai which is scheduled to open in 2009 at an estimated height of 818 m (2,684 ft).

Drawing of the Russia TowerOriginally, The Russia Tower was proposed for plots 2 and 3 of the Moscow International Business Center in 1994 as the world's tallest building; a 648 m (2,126 ft), 125-story tower. It was designed by Chicago-based architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. It was soon moved to plot 14. In the middle of 2003 an updated 648 m (2,126 ft), 134-story, design had been moved to plots 17 and 18. In January 2004, the Moscow Development Company (STT Group) was appointed as the main investor and developer of the $2-billion project.

3D rendering of the Russia TowerThe total area of the structure will cover 520,000 m² (5,597,233.4 ft²), of which 38% (200,000 m² (2,152,782.1 ft²)) will be located underground. The top floor will be 500 m (1,640 ft) above the ground. The tower will contain 118 floors, 101 elevators, and underground parking to accommodate 3,680 automobiles. Commercial retail shops will be located at the base of the building. The maximum capacity of the building is projected to be around 30,000.

(Information comes courtesy of the Wikipedia amongst other sources.)

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