From May 4-7, 2006 Artichoke Productions showcased more of it's brilliant creativity in the showstopping display of street theater, "The Sultan's Elephant". The show blessed London with an artful arrangement of imagination, excitement, and wonder.

The Sultan's Elephant in the original time capsule
The Sultan's Elephant exiting its living quarters
The Sultan's Elephant walking through London

Bloomberg News had the following to say about the production before it arrived in England in 2006:

    An elephant more than twice as tall as a double-decker bus will parade through Piccadilly Circus and London's streets and squares during a four-day visit next month.

    The 40-foot (12-meter) pachyderm isn't an escapee from the London Zoo. It's a wood-and-metal puppet that's part of ``The Sultan's Elephant,'' a jumbo piece of free street theater.

    The 42-metric-ton model will appear in historical venues such as Horse Guards Parade and Trafalgar Square. As the story progresses, traffic will be stopped and roads closed as the beast trumpets its presence and plods through the streets.

Read the complete article.

"The Sultan's Elephant" was made in conjunction with the Royal De Luxe theater company.

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John Rowley said...


thank you for linking me to your piece on the sultan's elephant. did you see it in london? it was fantastic. wonderful pictures you've posted.

i'm also amazed that anyone has visited my blog!

you have the distinction of being the only person ever to comment on anything on there!

all the best

Cultura Malcriada - said...

Hi, buddie!
I came here to return your visit and also take a look in wonderful Sultan's Elephant one more time. Very nice pictures, very nice blog... congratulations!
Take care!

PS: Sorry about my poor english!

Jeff Lau said...


Thank you too for linking me to your post on the Sultan's Elephant. The elephant rocked.

Uh... i don't know what else to say because John Rowley above had literally voiced out my thoughts. haha.

I'm still amazed though that anyone outside Malaysia has visited my blog!

Thank you once again.

Renee Rockwood said...

Much appreciated, dear. I'm glad to see that others see the true beauty in this rather than just seeing 'a creepy girl'. Thank you.